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This report outlines the due diligence associated with the investment in Slovenian pharmaceutical manufacturer Krka d.d. part of the Krka Group.

Executive Summary:

Krka d.d. Group, Novo Mesto, Slovenia, hereinafter referred to as “the Company” and/or “Krka”, is a chemicals and pharmaceutical company specialized in healthcare products, prescription pharmaceutical and non-prescription products, as well as therapeutic services. The group attributes most of its revenue to its prescription pharmaceuticals division, which has supplemented the company’s 2.9% yearly revenue growth.

Growing demand for Slovenia’s medical tourism has also contributed to the company’s growth. The company’s production of generic and biosimilar drugs offers shareholders opportunity for outsized returns at a risk-adjusted premium. Growth in generic drug manufacturing is also expected to generate a tailwind to further company sales.


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EastMillCapital – KRKG Due Diligence