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One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses of the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants, cafes) is data collection and customer retention. These businesses struggle in determining who their customers are, and even more so with targeting them effectively.

Werbifi is a Wi-Fi marketing platform that allows businesses to collect customer data through their W-LAN network and aggregate it to make better business decisions. When a patron visits an establishment that is equiped with Werbifi’s network platform, and they wish to connect to the internet, they navigate to their devices’ network page and click on the network.

They are presented with a splash page the showcases the establishments service offerings, which every business can customise in whatever way they wish. Scrolling past the adverts, they reach the “connect” button, which then prompts them to login via Facebook, e-mail, or phone number before granting them internet access. (The privacy wary can also choose to proceed without providing their personal details, albeit with limited conectivity.) 

The business now has the contact information of their patron, and can message them directly from their Werbifi dashboard. The customer will never we prompted to register again at any other Werbifi supported business, while the businesses are able to view users’ recurring visits. Businesses are able to send promotional content to filtered user groups by gender, visitation frequency, visitation time, and country of origin.

The HORECA sector has tried in the past to implement initiatives for data collection. Some of the most common sector practices have been loyalty programs driven by forms, reservations and online booking, and POS systems.

The Werbifi team consists of four talented developers based in Vienna, Austria. The group has been known to tackle countless Hackathons around the SEE and CEE region and now turn their full effort towards scaling the technology behind the firm.

East Mill Capital entered an advisory position with the Werbifi team in September, prepping the company for international expansion, as well as helping the company scale up their operations and reach new markets.

You can find out more about Werbifi by visiting their website, or contacting the sales staff via e-mail. All questions regarding funding and cooperations can be directed towards