East Mill Capital started off in 2018 with a research initiative into emerging market equities. The objective was to research companies across emerging markets in search of investable equity securities. A simulation fund was composed of those companies which we deemed to fit our investment scope.

Throughout the project the organisation explored SEE, and BRICS capital markets, finding several investable companies in which several organisation members still hold positions to date. Throughout the investigative process the group discovered opportunities to work with many of the business located in these distressed market regions and learned even more of the challenges associated with emerging markets. It was such investigative work that led us to the expansion of the organisation into private equity initiatives.

East Mill Capital continues to manage a portfolio of emerging market equity and debt, advising both private and institutional investors on practices and strategies for EM equity investments. The organisation is also working closely with stock exchange representatives across emerging market regions, researching volume-generating strategies as part of several national-exchange liquidity initiatives.