East Mill Capital is focused primarily on emerging and frontier market investments in public equity and debt securities. The goal of East Mill Capital is to generate outsized returns, while limiting direct exposure to developed markets, especially western capital markets. We recognise the value of developed markets attributed to the growth of emerging economies, however avoid companies that are fully dependent on western demand.

Regional Focus

Emerging and frontier economies are often neglected by investors due to fears of political and economic uncertainty. It is our goal to uncover companies that have been overlooked and undervalued. Our main focus is on equity companies within the South-Eastern European (SEE) region, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) states.

Equity Guidelines

East Mill Capital’s investment scope is also limited to several securities conditions that are outlined below. An asset is discarded from selection should it fail to satisfy all of the conditions from the time of research to investment.

  • The company is publicly traded on a securities exchange that is open to international investment.
  • The company has a diverse balance sheet, and not limited by exports exclusively to developed economies.
  • The company is not headquarted or incorporated in a developed market.
  • The company must comply with ESG criteria for investing.