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East Mill Capital’s investment and advisory portfolios consist of a number of SME’s from within the CEE and SEE region. Our primary focus is within the CIT, consumer discretionary, and retail investment sectors. 


Logo of algorithmic trading firm, Remi Technologies

Remi Technologies

Remi Technologies is an algorithmic trading firm that builds bespoke trading solutions for retail investors and traders. Founded in 2020, the company provides guidance, consulting, and development services within the quantitative finance, alternative data, IA, and algorithmic trading spaces. 


101Stats is an online for-profit data science blog showcasing publicly-permitted statistical indicators and trackers prepared by its constituent analysts. The underlying business activities of 101Stats are entirely B2B, providing lightweight data tracking services for NGOs. Testimonials available to accredited organisations at request.

The logo for the company VIS 77 (Wear-77 OOD)


Werbifi Wifi Marketing is a Viennese digital marketing company founded by a team of Serbian developers that offers HORECA businesses cross-advertising capabilities through its network of subscribed businesses. Companies are able advertise their offerings on their network splash page, and leverage the platforms data collection properties in aiding business decision making processes. East Mill Capital undertakes all capital planning and B2B sales for the company.

The logo for the company VIS 77 (Wear-77 OOD)

VIS 77

VIS 77 is a sports and leisurewear brand manufactured in Bulgaria. The brand boasted one of the most cost effective production chains in the EU.

The logo for the company VIS 77 (Wear-77 OOD)

STRUK Investment Consulting

Struk Investment Consulting specialises in SEE and BRICS equity research and in retail broker-dealer analytics and training. Since 2017 the company has advised 4 different retail investment brands across the European Union.